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Stewart and Stevenson Pushback Tractors Air Start Units and More | Planet GSE

Stewart and Stevenson Pushback Tractors Air Start Units and More

If you’re the market for airport ground support equipment Stewart and Stevenson are amongst the best brands in the entire world for this type of product. The following article will go into detail on some information on the company as well as some of the products that they offer in their immense catalog of airport ground support equipment.

Stewart and Stevenson is based out of Houston Texas and provides specialized equipment in both the oil and gas industry as well as producing equipment such as trucks, trailers and transportation rigs. Stewart and Stevenson is a well-established company and has been in business since 1902. Producing equipment for a wide range of industries Stewart and Stephenson is able to easily use technologies that have been implemented in a military setting or industrial setting to enhance the way that we do business at an airport. Stewart and Stevenson is also able to provide not only the equipment and aftermarket replacement parts so that all their machines and equipment can receive proper maintenance and service while they are in use.

One of the most popular products Stewart and Stevenson builds is the pushback tractors which can be used to tow aircraft and move large equipment around the airport. Also known as an aircraft tug, these tractors feature a four wheel steering system which allows for precision controls and towing of aircraft to selected areas across the airport. As one model can be set to run on a two wheel mode and features to other modes of precision controls to make sure that you can position aircraft and equipment perfectly. Each one of the students Stevenson Mb2 aircraft pushback tractors is able to tow up to 500,000 pounds in a single load. They’re quite to operate with a fully automatic transmission. Powered by an immense Detroit diesel engine this is a heavy duty, rock steady piece of equipment. With a heated cab, There is no need for an operator to have to work in the cold either.

Stewart and Stevenson also produces a number of air start units which can be used to jumpstart jet engines and reduce the strain is starting an engine on a large jet. The Stewart and Stevenson TMAC 170 air start unit is one of the best starting units in the world. With units that will run for decades each new air unit comes with an extended warranty and full support backed by Stewart and Stephenson. Featuring a large Detroit diesel engine, a good-sized gas tank, strong chassis, excellent wheel bearings and tires, this unit is sure to last your airport and pay for itself within just years of the purchase. It is truly amazing just how well these units stand up after constant use.

Looking into the Stewart and Stevenson brand, it’s easy to see how they are able to create such great products. Being so well-established and with over 100 year history in providing support in many different industries in the form of heavy equipment, Stewart and Stevenson will continue to be an industry-leading brand and will continue to provide high quality aircraft support equipment for many years to come.

Planetgse is proud to sell Stewart & Stevenson products. Feel free to call us at (866) 747-4735 regarding anyone of our Stewart & Stevenson Pushback Tractors, Air Start Units or other vehicles.

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