The cargo loader for narrow or wide-bodied aircraft (cargo platform) is used for loading and unloading of cargo placed in containers or on palletes. The loader has two platforms which independently raise or come down. The containers or palettes on the loader are moved with the help of built-in rollers or wheel system, and move the cargo into the aircraft across the platforms. These come in two sizes, one is called the lower lobe or narrow body aircraftloader and the other is called a “main deck loader”. The main deck loader can load cargo into the main (top) deck of a narrow body aircaft and the lower lobe or belly of a wide body aircraft as well as the Main deck of wide body aircraft.

The basic difference is that the main deck loader is more versatile. It goes higher and has a larger weight capability. The lower deck or lower lobe loader is used to loader cargo into the main deck of narrow body aircraft and the lower lobe of wide body aircraft.