Stewart & Stevenson TMAC-250

Stewart & Stevenson TMAC-250

Los Angeles, CA

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A portable device for starting aircraft jet engines.This device includes a lead testing and motor starting circuit. This unit blows airflow into the turbines engines. This is air-flow is measured by “PPM’s” pounds per minute. Basically the larger the engine the more airflow required to start the engines. AIR START UNITS, come in two different configurations. One is called the bottle type and the other is continous flow. The bottle type is cheaper to buy but takes longer to recharge. The power source to turn the compressor are available with gasoline, diesel or electric powered motors. The bottle type unit would be better suited for a station with few flights and time of 3 hours between flights. This is how long it takes to fully charge a bottle. This would not be suitable for a station with multiple flights in close time proximity.


ManufacturerStewart & Stevenson
Engine typeDetroit Diesel Model 12V71