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Used and Refurbished Military Ground Support Equipment

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We stock a large variety of refurbished and used military ground support equipment including cargo loaders, pushback tractors, ground power units.

Used Military GSE such as

Used Military GSE Model U30 Pushback Tractor

Used RE Atkinson B7 Maintenance Stand

Used Military GSE MB2 Pushback Tractor

Feel free to call us with any questions or needs you have we will be happy to give you a quote or any informaiton you need on our Used and Refurbished Military GSE for sale (866) 747-4735.


Military Ground Support Equipment

Blog Posts, Military Ground Support Equipment. Comments Off on Military Ground Support Equipment

As the market closes in on compliance deadlines for a range of rules and polices, how can we comply with rules while not impeding functional demands? Military Ground Support Equipment design and functionality will certainly play a crucial role where brand new equipment is concerned.

Military Ground Support Equipment is the support equipment found in the Army generally on the ramp, the maintenance area by the terminal. As its name signifies, Military Ground support equipment is there to support the operations of aircraft on the ground. The attributes that this equipment plays generally involve ground power operations, aircraft mobility, and loading operations.

PlanetGSE is a supplier of military ground support equipment and services promoting the mobility requirements of the Army and worldwide military agencies. PlanetGSE’s main focus is on ground and air mobility.

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Stewart & Stevenson Type MB2 Pushback Tractor

Stewart & Stevenson
Type MB2 Pushback Tractor
Powered by a Detroit Diesel Engine Model 453T
Funk Automatic Transmission- Four Wheel Drive
Coordianted Steering
Power Brakes
Power Steering
Full Cab Assembly
53,000 LBS GVW
40,000 LBS DBP

You can also see our complete Stewart & Stevenson Pushback Tractors inventory

PlanetGSE buys and sells all types of new and used Pushback Tractors including all types of Military Ground Support Equipment.

Feel free to contact Rusty at (866) 747-4735.

Featured Vehicles!

Here are just a few more of our great condition vehicles, at great prices

Stewart & Stevenson GT-32 Pushback Tractor

Overhauled Stewart & Stevenson Model GT-32 Pushback Tractor Powered by a Deutz Diesel Engine Four Wheel Drive 30,000 LBS Draw Bar Pull Excellent condition with only 1700 Hours

Stinar Aircraft Stair Truck Model 3516 – Wide Body

2000 Model Stinar Model – 3516 – Wide Body Aircraft Stair Truck Diesel Powered 1800 Original Miles Excellent Paint Condition Ramp Ready Immediate Delivery

PlanetGSE buys and sells all...

Hobart Ground Power Unit – Power Master Model 90SX200

Hobart Power Master Model 90SX200 In Hangar 90KVA Ground Power Unit

Like New Condition

Input Power-220 or 440 Volts Output Power 90KVA Includes 400 Cycle Output Cable