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Boarding Stair trucks for easy access into and out of the Aircraft

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Aircraft Passenger boarding stairs are very important for an aircraft to allow a safe and smooth entry for passengers into and out of the aircraft. Boarding stairs are otherwise known as boarding ramps, aircraft steps or air stairs. They are mobile and can be rolled into place when the aircraft is on the ground. The stairs are temporarily connected to the aircraft doors to help the passengers board the aircraft and also disembark from it. Air stairs form a mobile conduit between the aircraft doors and the ground.

Aircraft boarding stairs are manufactured using high quality materials and are weatherproof and skid-resistant. They provided safe boarding to the aircraft.

Small aircrafts have their own inbuilt roll-up stairs which are dropped down to the ground level as the plane grinds to a halt. But in bigger aircrafts, the doors are between … Read More »

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Stewart & Stevenson GT-32 Pushback Tractor

Overhauled Stewart & Stevenson Model GT-32 Pushback Tractor Powered by a Deutz Diesel Engine Four Wheel Drive 30,000 LBS Draw Bar Pull Excellent condition with only 1700 Hours

Stinar Aircraft Stair Truck Model 3516 – Wide Body

2000 Model Stinar Model – 3516 – Wide Body Aircraft Stair Truck Diesel Powered 1800 Original Miles Excellent Paint Condition Ramp Ready Immediate Delivery

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Hobart Ground Power Unit – Power Master Model 90SX200

Hobart Power Master Model 90SX200 In Hangar 90KVA Ground Power Unit

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Input Power-220 or 440 Volts Output Power 90KVA Includes 400 Cycle Output Cable