At Reagan National Airport, excessive temperatures caused by a powerful and recent heat wave instigated a U.S. Airways flight becoming stuck in a soft spot upon the tarmac. Officials believe unusually high temperatures this season caused the tarmac to soften in some areas.

A U.S. Airways regional jet apparently got stuck within one of these soft spots as it was leaving its gate in preparation for a flight bound to Charleston, South Carolina. An Airport tug cart was initially unable to retrieve the aircraft from the spot in which its wheels had sunken in to the tarmac.

The plane’s entire luggage was unloaded and all of its passengers exited in an attempt to reduce the weight of the aircraft. This proved irrelevant, however, as the plane still remained stuck. An electric aircraft tug that usually works with much larger aircraft was brought in and successfully dislodged the craft.

All in all, there was a three hour delay for the flight.

U.S. Airways officials claim that this is the first time an incident like this has ever occurred at the airport. However, in light of recent record breaking temperatures, perhaps it’s not surprising.

Nearly 2,500 temperature records have been shattered throughout the U.S. over the past 11 days.

When this incident occurred, the temperature high for the day was 98 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. It is believed that the prolonged and sustained sunlight of the recent heat wave has the potential to damage more infrastructure in the coming days.