Hong Kong Airport

The world’s busiest cargo spots:

5.) CargoCity, Frankfurt Airport, Germany

Frankfurt Airport is without a doubt Europe’s busiest cargo hub. It oversees over 2.1 million tons of freight annually. A fundamental factor in the airport’s impressive rise is the steady growth of its CargoCity. CargoCity offers a remarkable variety of specialized facilities, which includes the world’s most advanced animal-handling stations.

4.) Cargo terminal complex, Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Incheon International Airport is a primary hub for cargo traffic in the entirety of East Asia, overseeing over 2.4 million tons of freight per year. The airport’s cargo terminal complex was constructed originally to process only 1.7 million tons of freight annually, but after renovations it is now able to oversee up to 2.7 million tons.

3.) Shanghai Pudong International Airport cargo terminal, Shanghai, China

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal Company handles nearly 2.6 million tons of freight annually. Because of this fact, Pudong International Airport has affirmed itself as one of China’s most important cargo hubs. The cargo terminal takes up over 135,000 cubic miles, which includes cargo terminal buildings, parking areas, and a hazardous material facility.

2.) Cargo Central / FedEx Express Super Hub, Memphis International Airport, US

Memphis International Airport handles a staggering 3.7 million tons of freight per year. An unbelievable 3.3 million packages a day are overseen at this FedEx Express Super Hub. Their impressive facility is dispersed over a five mile plot of land, and contains parking slots for nearly 200 aircraft and over 300 miles of conveyer belts.

1.) Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport is the indisputable top international air freight hub, handling a freight volume of just below 3.8 million tons. HKIA has two air cargo terminals, which includes a 328,000m² SuperTerminal that is the world’s second largest air-handling facility. HKIA is expected eventually to reach a whopping capacity of 9 million tons of freight per year.

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