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Pushback Tractors

There are two types of Aircraft Pushback Tractors: conventional and towbarless (TBL).Conventional tugs use tow bars to connect to the nose wheel of the aircraft. The tow bar can be connected at the front or the rear of the tractor, depending on whether the aircraft will be pushed or pulled. The towbar has a shear pin. The shear pin prevents the aircraft from being mishandled by the tug—when overstressed the shear pin will snap, disconnecting the bar from the nose gear to prevent damage to the aircraft and tug.

We buy and sell all types of new and reconditioned Aircraft Pushback Tractors. Hough, Simmons Rand, Stewart & Stevenson, Equitech, Jetline, United Tractor, Northwestern, NMC Wollard and more.

Below is our current inventory of Pushback Tractors that we have in stock. If you dont see what you are looking for feel free to call Rusty at (866) 747-4735. We offer amazing customer service and unbeatable prices as well.

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CategoryManufacturerModelEngine TypeImage
Pushback TractorStewart & StevensonGT-32Deutz Dieselstewart stevenson gt 32 pushback
Pushback TractorStewart & StevensonGT-1628Detroit Model 353T Diesel
Pushback TractorFMCB1200Cummins Diesel
Pushback TractorHoughTD-180Detroit Diesel Model -353/453
Pushback TractorHoughTD-300Detroit Diesel Model 6-V53
Pushback TractorHoughTD-500Detroit Diesel Model 8-V71T
Pushback TractorTUGMC-22Perkins Diesel
Pushback TractorStewart & StevensonGT-1628353T Diesel Engine
Pushback TractorStewart & StevensonU30- Military StyleDetroit Diesel Model 6-V53T
Pushback TractorStewart & Stevenson1628Detroit Diesel Model 3-53T
Pushback TractorStewart & StevensonType MB2 Military StyleDetroit Diesel Model 4-53T
Pushback TractorEquitechB250Perkins Diesel
Pushback TractorEquitechB500Cummins Diesel
Pushback TractorJetline B650Cummins DieselLos Angeles, CA
Pushback TractorJetline / FMCB1000Catapillar Diesel Model 3208
Pushback TractorUnited TractorTA-80Diesel
Pushback TractorNorthwesternJG-75Repower Ford 300 Gasoline
Pushback TractorNorthwestern - WollardNMC-100Perkins Diesel 4.236
Pushback TractorUnited TractorSML-120Ford Gasoline Model-302
Pushback TractorGroveMB2Cummins Diesel

Featured Vehicles!

Here are just a few more of our great condition vehicles, at great prices

Stewart & Stevenson GT-32 Pushback Tractor

Overhauled Stewart & Stevenson Model GT-32 Pushback Tractor Powered by a Deutz Diesel Engine Four Wheel Drive 30,000 LBS Draw Bar Pull Excellent condition with only 1700 Hours

Stinar Aircraft Stair Truck Model 3516 – Wide Body

2000 Model Stinar Model – 3516 – Wide Body Aircraft Stair Truck Diesel Powered 1800 Original Miles Excellent Paint Condition Ramp Ready Immediate Delivery

PlanetGSE buys and sells all...

Hobart Ground Power Unit – Power Master Model 90SX200

Hobart Power Master Model 90SX200 In Hangar 90KVA Ground Power Unit

Like New Condition

Input Power-220 or 440 Volts Output Power 90KVA Includes 400 Cycle Output Cable