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Aircraft Fueling Truck- KW Dart- 10,000 Gallon Capacity | Planet GSE

Aircraft Fueling Truck- KW Dart- 10,000 Gallon Capacity

Posted on 14th May, by rusty in Aircraft Fueling Trucks. Comments Off on Aircraft Fueling Truck- KW Dart- 10,000 Gallon Capacity

Aircraft Fueling Truck- KW Dart- 10,000 Gallon Capacity
Chassis: KW Dart
Engine: Rebuilt Cummins Tier 3 Diesel
Transmission: Allison Automatic All drive train fluids and filters replaced
Tires to be 60-75% rubber minimum
Brakes to be inspected and replaced if necessary
Tank: 10,000-gallon stainless steel one compartment
Water Drain: Two Morrison 372 emergency type valve in tank with synflex tubing drain line
terminating in ball valve and 90 degree elbow
Pump: Rebuilt 600 GPM split-shaft pump
Bypass: Inline bypass valve – The servo and body shall be rebuilt
Deadman: Inline deadman valve complete with a new 50’ cable and electric handle
The servo and valve body shall be rebuilt
Hose Reels: (1) Hannay multi-wrap reel, Electric rewind – New chain installed after paint
Hoses: (1) New 2-1/2” x 50 MXM and (2) new 2-1/2” x 10’ MXM API hoses with certificates
Underwing Nozzles: (3) Rebuilt Whittaker F116 series underwing nozzles complete with dust
caps, 100-mesh screens and swivels
Static Reel: Hannay spring rewind reel, New 50’ plastic coated static cable and clamp
Meter: 600 GPM capacity meter with a register head to read in gallons per customer
Filter Vessel: 600 GPM vessel complete with spring loaded drain, pressure relief, air elimination
and in/out Millipore connections – New water absorbing elements installed after flow test
Defuel: Gorman Rupp defuel valve
Differential Pressure Gauge: 0-30 PSI differential pressure gauge with new filter installed
Bottom Load: Three-lug bottom load adapter with brake interlock, precheck and high level
Finish: New paint on cab, tank and equipment. New decals per NFPA 407. BAE shall apply
customer logo decals at no additional cost
Fire Extinguishers: Two 20lb. re-certified BC fire extinguishers with holders
Interlock System: Brake interlock switches on the lift mast assembly, bottom load connection
and all underwing nozzle holders. Install a momentary override switch on the dash with a wire
sealed red cover.
Emergency Shutdowns: (3) Emergency shutdowns; one located on the left side on the unit, one
on the right side of the unit and one on the lift deck.
Lift Mast Assembly: Front mounted lift mast assembly with a steel basket. The hydraulic
cylinder is to be rebuilt. Install (2) 2-1/2” x 10’ fueling hoses with rebuilt underwing nozzles and
shutoff valves. The deck control panel shall include an emergency shutoff, emergency deck
down, deadman handle with 10’ cord, nozzle pressure gauge, digital meter readout and electric
feeler switch. Unit shall be capable of reaching a 747.
Control Panel: The unit shall include an aluminum control panel mounted in the left side
fueling cabinet. The control panel shall include a 4” nozzle pressure gauge, differential pressure
gauge w/ test button, emergency shutoff switch, fuel/defuel selector and operating instructions

Manual: The unit shall be supplied with a maintenance and operation manual complete with

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