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Stewart & Stevenson GT-1628 Pushback Tractor

Manufacturer Stewart & Stevenson
Model GT-1628
Engine 353T Diesel
Hours Approx 125
Condition Good, Used
Color White
Features: 4 Wheel Drive, Low Profile Design

Stewart and Stevenson Pushback Tractors Air Start Units and More

If you’re the market for airport ground support equipment Stewart and Stevenson are amongst the best brands in the entire world for this type of product. The following article will go into detail on some information on the company as well as some of the products that they offer in their immense catalog of airport ground support equipment.

Stewart and Stevenson is based out of Houston Texas and provides specialized equipment in both the oil and gas industry as well as producing equipment such as trucks, trailers and transportation rigs. Stewart and Stevenson is a well-established company and has been in business since 1902. Producing equipment for a wide range of industries Stewart and Stephenson is able to easily use technologies that have been implemented in a military setting or industrial setting to enhance the way that we do … Read More »

Stewart & Stevenson Type MB2 Pushback Tractor

Stewart & Stevenson
Type MB2 Pushback Tractor
Powered by a Detroit Diesel Engine Model 453T
Funk Automatic Transmission- Four Wheel Drive
Coordianted Steering
Power Brakes
Power Steering
Full Cab Assembly
53,000 LBS GVW
40,000 LBS DBP

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Stewart & Stevenson Pushback Tractor Model GT32

Stewart & Stevenson
Model GT32 Aircraft Pushback Tractor
Powerered by a Detroit Diesel Engine Model 353
Allison Automatic Tansmission
2 Wheel Drive-
Gator Style
Draw Bar Pull

Stewart & Stevenson Model 1628 Gator Style Pushback Tractor

Stewart & Stevenson
Model 1628
Gator Style Pushback
Powered by a Detroit Diesel Model 353 T Engine
Four Wheel Drive
20,000 LBS Draw Bar Pull
3700 Hours Since New


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